Logo Design & Samples

Buying a logo is an almost unique purchasing experience. Every “product” is different, tailored to the individual requirements of the customer. How then can a buyer judge potential suppliers for their new graphic identity?

Aside from testimonials from other satisfied (or otherwise) customers, the most effective way to judge a logo designer is by viewing samples of their previous work

Through the magic of the internet, graphic designers can open up their portfolios to the world more easily than ever before. The prospective buyer can browse quickly through a number of competing sites, comparing the standard of work from a range of potential suppliers.

When viewing samples in this way, it is important to look carefully not only at the logo itself, but at the message it carries and how well that ties in with the company it represents. There is no shortage of talented creative types out there selling their services, what sets them apart is how, indeed if, they interpret the message a company wishes to portray in their logo. Keep in mind the big three logo design theories when looking at logo design samples, they should all be in evidence.

You should also take a moment to study the samples from a number of different industries, not just your own. You almost certainly will have more preconceived ideas about logos relating to your own area of expertise, so looking outside of your comfort zone will allow you to be more objective in assessing what you see.

Samples are only one way to find a designer for your new logo, testimonials and referrals can count for a huge amount too.