Logo Creator – Logo Design Program Review

The Logo Creator from Laughing Bird software is a logo design program that claims to be easy to use, yet capable of creating professional looking results. Comprehensive software that’s simple to work with is a combination difficult to find, so we decided to put the Logo Creator through it’s paces.

Getting Started

Downloading the software is simple enough, and the installation just as easy. You can start off with the demo version of the software to get a feel for how it works. and then upgrade to the full package later on when you’re ready. There are versions for both Mac and PC (Windows).

Running the program for the first time, we were immediately presented with the option of a software walk-through so we could learn the main features. This complements the tutorials on the website. In fact, documentation and support is excellent throughout, and Laughing Bird are quick to respond to any issues you may have, but more on support later, let’s look at making some logos!

Logo Design

The program comes with a number of pre-made logo sets, which are basically templates from which you build your logo. Whilst this might at first sound restrictive – “Isn’t my logo going to look like everyone else’s?” being a question that immediately springs to mind – the package offers so many customisation options that in fact you can design pretty much anything you can think of.

The templates then, help you generate ideas and are a means to get some quick results, but as you delve further into the options, you really can create anything you want.

Starting with a basic template, you simply click on ay element, graphical or text, that you want to change, and change it. And oh how you can change it! The options are numerous; size, colour, gradients, embossing effects, blurring, drop shadows, outlining, orientation – everything you need to come up with something quite unique is here.

All of the fonts you have installed on your computer are supported, and there are all sorts of text effects available, including rotation and mirroring. On the graphical side, there are a good number of images supplied, and you can optionally purchase more. However, that’s probably unnecessary for most users as you can also import any image you like into the Logo Creator, and apply the full range of effects. The ability to add your own images makes the tool ultra flexible.

The colorful templates make for excellent website logos, but the program is also quite capable of producing some remarkably professional looking business style logos for use on letterheads and so on.

Beyond Design

Once you have your logo, you’ll want to be able to get it out of the program and into wherever you want to use it – be it a web page or a desktop publishing program, or directly to a printer. Using the export features, finished logos can be saved in all the usual formats (jpeg, gif, tiff, png) as well as PDF which is an interesting inclusion. Logos can be resized on export, for use in a variety of situations.

Logo Creator also has a business card and letter head generator built in – a single menu option will resize your logo and create a page with multiple copies spaced ready for printing.


Initially suspicious of the template format, we have to admit that we are highly impressed with the Logo Creator. It’s ease of use and supreme flexibility defy the – frankly – ridiculously low price of the package. Backed up with excellent documentation and support, plus a users forum for exchanging ideas and getting even more value from the program, the Logo Creator is a must-have for anyone who needs to create graphics. At under 30 bucks, even if you only need one new headline for a website, this software represents genuine value for money.