The Hidden Cost of Free Online Business Logo Design

Whether you are starting a new business, or creating a website, one thing you’re definitely going to need is a catchy logo. You’ve already got a mounting list of costs for your new project, and so you decide you can save a few dollars by looking for a free business logo design online. But wait! Whilst there are no shortage of free logo design resources online, there are hidden traps for the unwary.

The word ‘free’ is often used by savvy online merchants to attract new business to their sites. Once you get there though, either the free offer you read about in the advertisement or the search engine listing doesn’t actually exist, or it’s loaded with conditions and clauses.

More likely however, is that you will find yourself offered the opportunity to create a logo for free, but you won’t be able to actually use it until you pay for it. The logo design services manage to pull that little trick by adding a watermark – a feint background image – to the finished logo so that you can’t simply copy and paste the grahpic from their website.

When you add up how much time you spend chasing those elusive free logos online, you may be surprised at the real cost. Incidentally, if you haven’t already calculated the cost per hour of your time, you really should. Knowing what your time is worth means you can more easily evaluate which tasks you should be outsourcing – tasks such as logo design for example!

So what is the best way to get a cool logo design on a budget? Well the chances are you probably have some software already on your PC that with a little help, can be used to create your logo – see our article How To Create Free Business Logos for more on that subject.

Alternatively, for as little as $30 you can purchase custom logo design programs which make creating your logo a snap – even for the most artisitically challenged! When you consider the time savings such programs can represent, they really are a bargain indeed.