Free Programs To Create A Logo

Something we are often asked at Logo Informer is “Where can I find “free” programs to create a logo?”. Our response is – you probably already have the required programs on your PC.

We put the word free in quotes, because some of the programs we’ll mention here aren’t actually free, but you already paid for them when you bought your PC and so there is no additional cost.

Microsoft Word

You may have thought that Word was just a word processor – great for bashing out letters, but not much use at making logos.

In fact, if you explore some of the drawing features in Word you can come up with a number of imaginative designs. Plus there’s a whole host of clipart that comes installed with the program.

Windows Paint

Ok so it’s not the worlds greatest drawing application, but the free Paint program that comes preinstalled on Windows PCs has it’s uses.

For example, try using the Print Screen key to copy existing screen elements to the ClipBoard, then pasting them into Paint to play around with. A little imagination can yield results.

Microsoft Excel

Looking for something with a mathematical edge? Excel has some great graphs and charts available, plus the WordArt features from Word are included. Put them together and you can come up with a variety of effects.


We’ve shown you just a few ideas for programs you can use to create a logo, without buying specialised software. There are plenty more – take a look around your PC and see what you can find. Unlock your imagination, and you could be surpised at what you can come up with in a short space of time.