Who Can Design My Custom Logo?

So you want a logo. Not just any logo mind, a custom logo that reflects your business, website, club or organisation. Clearly royalty free pre-designed graphics are out of the question, so what options are there for custom logo hunters?

DIY – Do It Yourself

With the proliferation of low cost software solutions and interactive design websites, the DIY logo design route is becoming more and more popular.

The advantages are clear – if it’s customisation you are after – nobody else will be able to create something as unique and representative of you than, well, you. And the cost of a DIY logo is often lower, although don’t forget to factor in your time spent on the project, which can quickly add up to a significant figure.

On the downside, if you are at all “creatively challenged”, doing it yourself might not be the quickest or simplest way to a bespoke logo.

YDI – You Do It!

It wasn’t long ago that logo design agencies were the preseve of larger organisations and their similarly large budgets. However, as with so many industries, the internet has lowered costs for design bureaus making them accessible to just about anyone.

Less than $300 can buy you a professionally designed logo tailored exactly to your requirements. A few more dollars will see that logo transformed into a full corporate identity with matching letterheads, business cards, and envelopes.

Any design agency worth their salt will present you with a number of initial concepts to work with. You choose the one that you like best, and then work with the designer to revise the logo to come up with exactly what you want. In this way you finish up with something completely unique, and of very high quality.