5 Ways To Create A Company Logo For Free

Coming up with a new logo design doesn’t need to cost the earth. In fact, with a little imaginatin in doesn’t necessarily have to cost anything at all. Here are five ways you can create a company logo for free.

1. Hold a competition

Whether you run a business, club, or a website, you come into contact with other people through your activity. Some of those people will have creative design skills, so why not get them to design your logo for you? Hold a logo design competition!

You need to simply lay down some guidelines about your new logo, the message it should portray, the size, number of colors and so on, and set a start and finish date for the contest.

You can offer a prize from your stock, or maybe a discount voucher against a future purchase – in that way you’re logo won’t cost you a penny and you’ll get an extra sale into the bargain. If you run a website, why not offer some free advertising for the winner in some of your vacant ad spots.

2. Trade a service

Another way of tapping into the design abilities of your contacts to obtain a free company logo, is to barter a service,

For example, someone who runs a fast food take-out could offer to trade advertising space on their paper bags in return for a professionally designed new logo.

3. Use an employee

If you have staff, use them! Most people like a bit of variety in their work, and you never know who might be hiding a creative streak. Maybe the air-con engineer is a budding graphic artist just waiting to be discovered.

If motivation is an issue, use the competition idea and hold an internal contest for your new company logo. Announce the winner in your company newsletter. Involving your employees in this way is great for morale.

4. Offer testimonials

In our article about logo design and samples, we talk about the importance of reviewing sample logos and customer testimonials. Start-up creative agencies or web sites need to get those case studies and testimonials from somewhere, so why not get in touch and see if you can do a deal – a new logo in return for a glowing testimonial – provided the work is up to scratch of course!

New design businesses and websites start up every day of the week – just search around using Google, or your local printed business directory to find candidates to approach.

5. Do It Yourself

Finally, there is no reason why you can’t create a company logo for free yourself! You probably already have the required software on your PC to get started (see our article Free Programs To Create Logos).

A home made logo can easily see your business through its early years. As the cashflow improves, you can always hire an agency to tidy it up later as part of a “corportate branding exercise” – an excellent opportunity for some additional PR.