The No 1 Corporate Gift – Company Logo Coffee Mugs

The humble coffee mug – the grandaddy of all company logo gifts. It’s no accident that the mug is right up there as the number one most popular gift – there are many advantages to giving away company logo mugs. Let’s take a look at some right now.

They’re great for staff. Before you even start handing out your branded mugs to anyone else, give them to all your employees. It’s a simple gesture that on it’s own, will be appreciated, but more importantly, it’s a great way of building team spirit.

Some people will of course, decide to pinch a mug or two to add to their own collection at home, which is actually a bonus – free advertising!

They great for clients. Giving a gift to regular clients is a sure fire way to get them to remember your organisation. Many corporate gifts are pretty useless and get thrown away without a second though. The coffee mug on the other hand, will serve a useful purpose day in day out. Your logo will be right on the desks of the people that matter the most to you – your customers.

They’re cheap. Really amazingly cheap. Buy in bulk and the cost is negligable compared to the long term publicity they are worth. Advertising was never such great value.

They’re flexible. Got a new product launch coming up? Send out a special edition coffee mug with the press release. Just announced record results? Celebrate with a new mug!

Finally, why not take the concept one step further and get some company logo coffee mats at the same time? Print a calendar on them and send them to all your customers for the new year – another great way to get your logo on the desks of those who matter.