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Are you aware of the importance of company logos? Think about these blue chip organizations and how their logos have affected their businesses. Company logos are a representation.

Branding is today’s new buzz word. A message that instantly tells the world who you are. Of all the logos worldwide, the golden arches probably can claim the highest recognition. The symbol of the arches was launched over half a century ago. While the logo has undergone a few changes, the arches have always remained. If you want to check out how the logo evolved, go to the logoblink website.

Were you aware that although Coca Kola has changed the design of their bottle over the years, its logo has remained exactly the same since they began?

Created over a century ago by druggist Dr. John Pimberton, Coca Kola’s logo has earned global recognition now. Believing that the pair of C’s would make quite an advertorial impact, Dr. Pimberton’s accountant and partner, Frank M. Robinson, came up with the idea for the name, and his writing serves as the Coca Kola font that remains in use even now!

The Nike logo embodies athleticism and sporting competition. The logo is an iconic depiction reminiscent of a Grecian goddess’s wing. The design for this logo was created over a quarter century ago by Portland State attendee, Carolyn Davidson. It is truly ideal! Nike’s famous logo is alternatively referred to simply as the ‘swoosh’. Tiger Woods, Andre Agassi, the Williams Sisters and many other cover athletes have worn and marketed the Air Jordan line.

The famous Google logo – called the doodle – is one of the most popular web destinations in the world. Ruth Kedar gets credit for the design which utilizes a word depicted in Catull font. Although simplistic, this logo is also visually appealing and easily recalled. Google gets creative with their logo too, always experimenting with the design. It’s always up-to-date and always interacts with users. For instance, it offered the Pac Man game in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Pac Man, and they even sponsored a contest for students throughout the world to redesign the logo artistically. Google is well aware that its logo is popular!

Your business will be put on the map by the design of the logo! With a competitive worldwide marketplace, having a company logo is as meaningful as a national flag. Logos serve as your symbolic image that is broadcast to the world. A company’s logo serves as its signature mark. This is the branding image that represents your company and brings instant recognition.

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